About Us

Bailey Homes are more than just your local builder; we are a caring, understanding, trustworthy, and professional building company with over 30 years experience in building.

Why do we make a point of emphasising that? Because building your dream home is not something you should trust to a large corporation, one that employs so many staff that having a personalised approach is simply impossible.

Building a dream home for your family is something that should only be entrusted to a builder who is ethical, professional and has family values, and that’s what Bailey Homes is all about.

Bailey Homes has a very personal, family-oriented approach to all aspects of our business. Our intention is to keep this philosophy as we grow and maintain our integrity as an honest, quality builder.

What sets Bailey Homes apart from other large companies is that Don Bailey, the Managing Director, is still such an integral part of this business. He built the company from the ground up and has been involved in every facet, right from the start when only 1 other staff member was employed, to now employing 9 members of staff.

You are still able to meet with Don and gain from his knowledge and years of experience. He is surrounded by a very experienced and efficient team that will make all of your dealings with Bailey Homes a positive one.

You can feel confident that between Don and our Site Supervisor, with all their years of experience, checking every detail at every stage, you will have a quality home finished to the highest standard, of which Bailey Homes is renowned for throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Don began his carpentry apprenticeship straight out of school. Once completed, he went on to do first and second fix carpentry work for other local builders. After a couple of years, he decided to go out on his own.

It was during that time that he decided to apply for a Builder’s Licence and also married his wife Carolyn.  In 1985 he became a licensed builder, the youngest to have ever been awarded a Builder’s Licence at that time. He started a partnership with “DS & CP Bailey” and began to do work for his own clients.

In 1991 “Bailey Homes Pty Ltd” was born. As recognition grew, with more satisfied customers spreading the word about our quality and approach to building, Bailey Homes has grown in size and into a very recognisable and professional business.

Established for more than 30 years, and has built more than 380 quality homes, extensions and renovations on the Fleurieu Peninsula, you can have peace of mind knowing that your building project is managed by Bailey Homes.

At Bailey Homes, we pride ourselves on excellence in workmanship and outstanding personal service and are confident that we can help you with your next building project, whether it is a new home, extension or renovation.

As the builder of choice on South Australia’s Coast and the Fleurieu Peninsula, we are confident that we can build your dream home.