At Bailey Homes one of our goals is to create homes that suit our harsh climate, creating comfortable living spaces with minimal heating and cooling. This is exactly what we achieved with this home in Hayborough. The judges were impressed with our quality construction method and dedication to the efficiency concepts. An 8 star energy efficiency accreditation and a score of 3.4 on an air leakage test (standard homes scoring around 11) means this home is worthy of its new GreenSmart title. In 2017 we were awarded the 2017 HIA-CSR GreenSmart Sustainable Home Award The Builder exceeded all environmental and sustainable requirements in achieving this brilliant self-sustainable home. HIA Judges Comment We were also presented the 2017 HIA–CSR Lightweight Construction Award Housing using sheet and board materials award for a beautiful family holiday home in Middelton. The Client’s chose to construct their beach house from a mixture of lightweight materials including 75mm Dulux Exulite, James Hardie Stria and Primeline Newport Cladding. The end result was a timeless yet striking home to enjoy for many years to come. Creative design showcasing the builders use of lightweight materials in this well constructed home. HIA Judges Comment